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CRNA & Anesthesia Staffing Agency

We are an anesthesia and CRNA staffing agency that provides experienced talent to. You’ll work with professionals who understand your patient population, business goals, and professional processes.

When you partner with ICON, you’ll be able to quickly fill staffing gaps and build strong relationships with the best accredited specialists. Our strategic staffing model is designed with your business, profitability, and satisfaction in mind.

We also offer a suite of management services, from budgeting to accreditation, to support the growth and success of your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your people vetted?

Yes, we use an accredited third party to do entire background checks.

Where do you get your staff?

We utilize local providers as much as possible and occasionally bring in outside sources when needed.  The goal is to keep it local.

What will providers cost?

We work with your facility to help manage your P&L and maximize your bottom line.  We utilize our ICON Exchange platform to facilitate this process.  Please visit and call us to find out more about this revolutionary process.

Do you provide CVO services?

Yes, we utilize a complete background and integrative credentialing process to streamline the access to valuable providers to minimize the down time and missed services.  Please call to find out more.

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