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You are already working independently OR you are looking to switch directions and you have some questions. You will find that ICON Anesthesia is not like most staffing agencies. We are here for you and our unsurpassed access to services are comprehensive, to say the least. We continue to add opportunities which complete your independent practice/business so you may maximize your income; minimize your taxes and optimize your retirement earnings. You are our client and we want you to be successful. We consider ourselves a team in the goal of mutual success.

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Registration Requirements

  • Contact Information with Emergency Contact Information
  • CV with Address
  • Copies of all Current State Professional Licenses
  • Driver’s License Photo
  • Copy of Diplomas
  • Liability Malpractice Cover Sheet/Certificate
  • 2 Letters of Reference
  • BLS/ACLS/PALS, etc. As Appropriate
  • Board Certification
  • TB Test
  • Hepatitis B Test
  • NPI Letter with #
  • Geographical Radius for Travel/Commute
  • Social Security Number
  • CAQH Number if available
  • DEA license where applicable

Apply to Work with ICON

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what do you do?

We are an independent progressive staffing firm that is CRNA and Physician owned with primary contracts in ASC, and multiple specialty office based facilities.

How do I get started?

Fill out application in entirety and don’t forget to include geographical radius for travel/commute and whether you are looking for full or part time.

How long are assignments and where?

We have multiple assignments options to fit your needs. This is your career and we support you in the process. We try to keep people within a comfortable distance to minimize stress and improve satisfaction. At times we may ask you if you are willing to temporarily commute a further distance in an emergency.

What about time off?

We serve two clients; you and the facility. It is important that each of you is satisfied and rested. We do not discourage taking time off, but ask that you keep it to 6 weeks, but you are not required to do so. We ask that you please give 30 days notice minimum excluding emergencies so we may find coverage for you.

What is expected of me?

We expect all of our contractors to exceed the standard the way that we do. Everyone is a team supporting each other so that the facility (our other client) is beyond satisfied. This would include arriving to work 15 minutes before start time; kept up appearance and cleanly/appropriately and professional dressed. You will provide your own scrubs. No negative language. All drugs kept in carts at all times following national, state and facility protocols. Wash hands between cases. Proper paperwork completed in a timely manner; this includes sending in invoices for time worked.

What if I have a problem?

If you have an issue of any type, you are encouraged to contact the office and one of the managers will go over any concerns you may have. If you are sick please call the facility and the office as soon as possible.

How will I be compensated?

We use a direct deposit process on a bi-weekly basis. Depending on when and where you start there may be an initial one week delay and then every two weeks after for the prior time worked.

**We pay EVERYONE for the day! There is no hourly rate. We strive to pay high quality wages for a quality day no matter the hours. You have a life and family and need to count on what you are making not the whims of the facility. Pay for the day and you can bank on it.

Why should I choose to be an independent contractor?

Just like the private sector, nothing is forever. Everyday there is a new group buying out another hospital or taking over another anesthesia group. Working independently with ICON Anesthesia will offer you the opportunity to maximize your earning potential while minimizing your taxes, allow you access to health care options and putting more away for retirement even if other groups are offering a match. Your success is our success and we will help to get you the access to the tools for you to achieve just that; SUCCESS. Contact us with any questions.

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