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How do we know making a change in anesthesia services is the right thing to do?

The only easy change is the one you don’t have to make. Change is never easy, but it can produce strength, growth, profitability, and ultimately happiness if done correctly. We offer an innovative model and relationship designed specifically for you to maximize the outcomes and minimize the transition.

Pay Your Bill:

We accept credit card payments. If you have any questions and to make a payment, please call Diane at 781-585-9522


ICON offers you specially-trained anesthesia providers specifically in plastics that will understand your patient population and what your needs are. We provide site accreditation and buildout, help with profitability, and strive to drive more business traffic into your facilities and offices. Our goal is not to just provide anesthesia, but to create a relationship in which we are both successful.


Icon Anesthesia has teamed with Trifecta billing management group, a subsidiary of ICON Anesthesia of New England, to fully incorporate services that no other group can begin to offer. Let Trifecta Management take all the hassle out your accreditation and recertification. At Trifecta, we have seasoned accreditation specialists to guarantee a smooth process whether it’s AAAHC or AAAASF we have you covered.


  • Full-service billing and revenue maximization
  • Multiple software options
  • Facility Accreditations
  • Equipment purchasing and buildout
  • Data metrics designed to meet your unique needs
  • Vertically integrated revenue maximization completely unique to ICON.
  • Credentialing and more…

We are directly linked with Anesthesia services capitalizing on control of the management process.  As a team, ICON and Trifecta deliver multiple opportunities to visualize new opportunities and revitalize current processes and revenues.  Together, we do more than just “bill”.


  • Equipment and supplies
  • Facility buildout or remodeling
  • Price optimization on pharmacy and daily supplies
  • Preventative maintenance contracts with certified biomedical engineer equipment certification.

At Trifecta we focus on your need to optimize your profits by reducing overhead and streamlining purchasing and daily activity without compromising quality.


ICON recognizes that not every GI center is the same. Our role is to evaluate and coordinate to your specific needs and implement a custom strategy for your site which will monetize your outcomes utilizing our unique vertically integrated management system.
With ICON on your team, you will be able to take full advantage of our experience and expertise to realize a new level of financial freedom and success. You will look at all aspects of your practice in a new light.

Contact ICON to learn more on how to partner with ICON and take advantage of these opportunities.

Ambulatory Centers

ICON will partner with your ASC to provide the team you need for your facility to ensure 100% consistent anesthesia coverage. Our goal is to maintain consistency and reliability to best suit your needs.

Our anesthesia team enables you to maximize your patient and provider satisfaction. Our unique management system  allows you to vertically integrate and maximize all of the anesthesia with your surgical services.

We strive to use local professionals concentrating on loyalty and consistency in your daily practice. ICON offers full-service management to maximize your potential and reimbursements.

ICON strives to exceed the current healthcare environment while maintaining your current high level of health care needs, high patient and surgeon satisfaction and definitively maximize revenue streams.

Contact ICON to set up an appointment to find out more about what makes us TRULY different to make you TRULY different.


ICON manages an array of office-based surgical practices with an emphasis on quality and safety. Our team offers well qualified and trained anesthesia professionals trained in outpatient settings. We offer services to a wide range of specialties including endoscopy, urology, oral surgery, ENT, and pain management.


ICON is the leader in Oral Surgery arena with over 10+ years experience in patient management, facility development, accreditation and revenue maximization.  Our team offers well qualified and trained anesthesia professionals to help you take your practice to the next level in patient care and services.


We offer a variety of options based on your office’s needs. After evaluating your facility and discussing cases requirements we will work together to provide the turn-key needs to get your office operating at a level of quality and excellence to meet your state requirements. We will partner with you to achieve a system that maximizes efficiency and safe patient flow while minimizing risks.


As a leader in the shared risk model, we will ensure that your practice will maximize your anesthesia and facility revenues. We utilize a unique billing and reimbursement system that is unsurpassed.

With ICON as your partner we will help you to:

  • Maximize efficiency and reduce waste
  • Evaluate equipment and provide certification with our certified bioengineer
  • Improve patient safety and outcomes
  • Evaluate and provide alternative supplier sources
  • Accreditation services
  • Implement revenue maximization and billing supplementation when applicable

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