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Who We Are

Three friends came together with an idea to improve the delivery of healthcare services within an environment that would support all of our colleagues as people, not initials or roles. To treat people like we would want to be treated; like they matter.

At ICON we have two customers: the facility and the providers. We want to bring back the service of anesthesia and show our people that they are important and a part of something.

Likewise, we understand that we have a responsibility to those in our community and surrounding area. To fulfill our part we have partnered with charitable groups that reflect not just local but also global development. We encourage our members to do the same.

It is in the giving that we truly receive.

Teen Challenge
Wicked Good Cause
Partners in Development

Our Values

ICON drives its efforts based on a philosophy that we have two customers; our people providing services (CRNA’s & Anesthesiologists) and the facilities that we provide quality service to (ASC’s, hospitals and offices)

it is our customers and their success that are the lifeblood of ICON Anesthesia. We strive to provide the best quality service to both groups through personal and professional relationships which go above and beyond the standard models currently implemented by other groups.

We recognize that through your success and progress we are successful and inevitably develop deep-rooted loyalty and service that surpasses traditional expectations.

We are continually striving to provide innovative and progressive processes which maintain the core integrity of our relationships with ethical and cutting-edge technology and services to evolve with our customers.

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